Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Does practice make perfect?

I am going to put the following theory to the test.

I am going to attempt to draw 10 different animals, the original time frame was 10 days, but due to work commitments,have not put a deadline.

I will scan and upload my attempts, so you can have a laugh.

I am not a good drawer, I am incredibly bad, but trying to improve, hence practicing.

Friday, 18 April 2014

Cat Fact Friday

Hi everyone & welcome to Cat Fact Friday!

1. In Asia,nearly 4 million cats are eaten, every year. Nomnom kitty

2. A group of cats is called a "clowder."

3. A cat can travel up to 49Km's per hour, over short distances.

4. An average cat has 12 whiskers on either side of its face.

5. A cat lover is called an "Ailurophilia".

Who here is a cat lover?

Saturday, 12 April 2014

OMG Visitors!

I suffer from Man childness and social anxiety. It is horrible.

For example today, my housemate and I were sitting in man child bliss, which is basically, both of us doing assignments whilst watching “Crank Yankers”. When 1 single text message could destroy our bliss, it was from his sister. It said “Just picked up the kids, will be at yours in 15 minutes.”

He read it out and our reaction were like this.

As we are man children (made up term, that I label ourselves) we live in a chaotic clean, which means, we both work and study, so not much cleaning gets done. Don’t get me wrong, our house does get clean, but not adult clean.

After I ran around screaming about how my, tell her we are sick ploy had failed, I ran around locking all doors and windows, screaming at my house mate, to drive my car around the street and park it there, and let pretend we are not home. (Insert picture of me hiding under the couch here)
Mind you, my housemate was running around open the windows and doors, saying we just had to tidy up, it will be fine.

We tidied up. It was horrible.

Then the realization of her bring her children dawned on us.

Our special dog, is not used to children. He is used to being the only child beast in the house. We tried talking to him, he just gave us a confused look.

I started child proofing my house. This included putting my couch yeti in my spare bedroom of doom and placing any slightly dangerous items out of the way.

Now we are awaiting on the arrival, wish me luck.

Dear Maccas

Dear Maccas,

Why can you not get my order right, every fortnight, I go to you store and order the same thing.

I walk in the door looking forward to my meal and IT IS NOT RIGHT!!

I order a serve of hotcakes, 2 sausage Mcmuffin meals with coke. Last weekend,my hotcakes were cold and I got no butter or syrup.

This weekend, we got egg Angus burgers, ewwww egg.

Maccas,please get it right.

Your customer

First post

Hi everyone,

This is my first post of Octopuses and Amber, I am aware the proper plural for octopus is octopi. I just like the word octopuses.

I in life, I do not have many friends or acquaintances, as I am too random. I am hoping people won't mind as much on the net.

So come and be a bystander in my hectic life.

Follow the white rabbit :)